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Meet the Founder

Aileen Menchaca

I am the owner and creator of Peep Shield™. I have been working in technology since the mid 90′s. Before that I enjoyed playing on my Apple II GS that my Dad purchased through his employee purchase plan at work. Yes, we still have it. It has the printer that goes with it as well. Remember the ribbon style printer cartridges and the infinity stacks of paper? There is even some un-installed 256kb of RAM. Needless to say I love technology and I have been using it since I was a wee one.

Security is also a passion of mine. With computer security being so dynamic, it’s important to stay up to date on current threats. One threat that really caught my attention was the capability of a RAT (Remote Access Trojan). Immediately I thought of my children and naturally I wanted to protect them from being a victim. Beyond that, I wanted to protect family and friends from becoming a victim. I couldn’t update everyones anti-virus programs on a regular basis. The best way I could protect them was to create a physical security product called Peep Shield™ .

A Little About Peep Shield

Peep Shield was founded in September of 2013. I was inspired to make this product after hearing the story of Cassidy Wolf, Ms. Teen USA. She had been spied on through her webcam on her laptop by a RAT (remote access trojan). The RAT gained access to her computer by sending her malware in an email and granting him access to her computer, namely her webcam. By-passing the active camera indicator light, he took compromising pictures of Cassidy in her private setting. The RAT used those pictures to then "sexstort” Cassidy for money and more images. With a lot of courage, Cassidy reported her ordeal to the police. When he was caught, they found he had access to over 150 women’s webcams, which he referred to them as his slaves. Immediately thinking of my children, I started to think of ways to cover my webcam to protect them. I love using FaceTime to call relatives so I needed something that could be easily removed and replaced. Tape, sticky notes, and a physical cover were not viable options. Soon Peep Shield was born.

Mission statement:
At Peep Shield we believe privacy is a right not an option.